Shake the Field Illustrated Maps of Alabama


Each icon on the map was a separate illustration that I had to research, sketch, revise, and digitalize as is the map itself. I decided on the aesthetic details of the map such as color stories which fit the aesthetic criteria of the client (warm, rustic, natural, etc), how to present the illustrations on the map, as well as other nitpicky design details.

About the design:

I wanted to highlight the icon illustrations and the water so I intentionally chose two bright colors that contrast well with one another to even each other out across the illustration.

The rust colored option melts the colors together into a complementary color story where every chosen color feels important to the composition. This option is warm, cozy, feels like home and nature together in one. This was a good option for that hometown pride type of feeling.


Alabama Forward

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Alysheia, Illustrator and designer, Supplementary researcher


Map design

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Alysheia Shaw-Dansby is proficient in brand development and design, copy writing and editing, lettering and illustration, and layout design.

Additionally, I’m familiar with customizing websites and emails when needed.


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